How it Works

How we collect and recycle your items:

The first step to safe and secure recycling here at ToRecycle is booking a collection, once we have your request a member of our bookings team will be in touch to offer a collection date to collect your unwanted electrical items.

If a collection is booked our bookings team will advise you a time and date which suits you for the collection.

We will then either collect your items from your site or arrange a pre paid courier for you to send the items to us for recycling (this is most popular for our residential clients). Upon collection our drivers will issue you with the relevant paperwork for your disposal needs.

We use our own vehicles and our own drivers every aspect of our recycling process is handled in house, we ensure safe and secure transport to our recycling facility. Once your items reach our facility they will be first inspected for data destruction any items we will receive which contain data will be erased securely by our in house technicians. If a device can not be securely wiped it will be destroyed and its component parts will then be recycled.

Your items will then go through our recycling process these items will then be used for re use or be broken down to there components we aim to recycle all items that come to us ensuring they are not disposed in landfill. As we offer a free collections and disposal service of WEEE waste it is imperative for us to recycle every aspect of your waste as ethically as possible.

We issue Data destruction certificates for our clients and the relevant waste transfer paperwork ensuring all process are followed correctly.

Please feel free to contact us today for your E Waste needs and a member of our team will be happy to help.

The destruction process meets or exceeds many internationally recognised standards including the Communications Electronics Security Group (CESG) Commercial Product Assurance (CPA), NATO CONFIDENTIAL, NATO RESTRICTED, NATO SECRET and COSMIC TOP SECRET, Defence INFOSEC Product Co-Operation Group UK (DIPCOG) and exceeding standards provided by the USA Department of Defense. A data destruction certificate is provided at the end of the process.

We will remove all your redundant electrical items from your site free of charge, if required our team of skilled technicians can remove any storage medias from your machines and leave with you if needed for data recovery or reference.

To Recycle LTD,
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WEEE verified and registered number: NC2/061618/2020

Registered Waste carriers: CBDU181644

Company registration Number: 10626234

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